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We welcome the WokeAF and SOL Circle family from around the world to join us for two Sacred medicine ceremonies in a beautiful natural setting with Vismay Amrit.

Join us for a long weekend of connection, healing, and personal growth. This 3 night retreat aims to support you on your healing journey in a safe, supportive, integral, sacred and conscious space.

We invite you to come connect with your inner healer, the wisdom of the sacred plant, and other open minded and hearted Woke AF tribe.

This retreat will be supported by plant based nourishing meals by our private Chef Jackie, art therapy, time for rest and reflection, sound healing and meditation. 

We have our team available to help and support every step of the way. From before, during and after the retreat. We rise together!

Date: Friday, August 30th - Monday, Sept 2nd, 2019
Location: Sebright, Ontario

About the ceremony leader:


Vismay Amrit, born in Israel 1972 is a student and teacher on the unified consciousness path of east and west. He started seeking a higher state of being and left the system at the age of 16. At the age of 23 He moved to India where he lived for 6 years, living and learning in an Osho center and in the Himalayan Mountains. In the year 2000 he and Nicole (from South Africa) met Ayahuasca in Europe. They studied & served together with a shaman-facilitator named Carioca from Brazil for 5 years and helped him establish his retreat center Ciranda in Brazil.

Vismay and Nicole were then called to start serving the medicine in Israel in 2006, hosting over a hundred ceremonies. Together they decided to bring their family, studies and vision and service back to the jungle, where Ayahuasca finds its home. In 2009 they moved with their children to the forest of Costa Rica and with the help of many, a medicine community was established, growing and cooking the medicine plants, practicing Karma Yoga and following the path of human development.

Vismay is passionate about the creative healing sacred sound. With a background of sound engineering & design studies and now reaching a thousand ceremonies , a synergy of science and spirit guide him to create the space of Nada-Brahma (sacred creation through sound) in every ceremony.


Friday August 30th - Arrival, Grounding Meditation and Ceremony
Saturday August 31st - Ceremony
Sunday September 1st - Integration and Sacred Fire Celebration
Monday September 2nd- Goodbye Hugs

All inclusive:
- 3 nights shared accommodations 
- vegetarian/vegan, dieta compliant, nourishing meals
- 2 sacred plant ceremonies
- integration and sacred fire celebration
- meditation, sound healing, art therapy

WokeAF and SOL Circle Price- Indoor Shared Accomodations: $695CAD (camping: $675)
Regular Price- Indoor Shared Accomodations: $750CAD (camping: $725)

We have limited space available for camping spots. They will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

If this retreat calls to you, please email us to set up a meeting. To reserve your space we will require an e-transfer deposit of $100, and filled out intake forms sent to wokeafca@gmail.com. 

Payment Plans available

Example of a Payment Plan Schedule: 
Deposit - $100 
July 15th - Half of remaining balance
August 1st - Remaining balance

*Your deposit will be used to secure the venue, and therefore is non-refundable

If you require help with transportation to the venue, contact us and we will try to arrange carpooling with someone who is driving. 

We look forward to sharing this beautiful retreat with you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Optional and Extra:

During the retreat, we will be hosting our Holistic Facilitator
Angie Tobon (Reiki Master, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture) 

She will be available for private sessions before, during and after the retreat, at an additional cost.  Please contact us at wokeafca@gmail.com for more information.