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Shamanic Plant Medicine Gathering

During this gathering, we will have two ceremonies, one with shamanic plant medicine and one with Sacred Cacao. We are working with a Shaman and sound healer named Peter Arcari, who will be leading the ceremonies. He is world renowned and his ceremonies are beautiful and profound.

He uses a wide variety of instruments to move energies throughout the ceremonies, which results in a deep connection to each other our spirit and the medicines.

We have an amazing weekend planned for us to unplug, recharge and connect again on a higher vibration. We'll have bonfires, sharing circles, group meals, meditation and yoga, which will be balanced with plenty of free time for exploration and integration and fun! The space where we are hosting this retreat is amazing, it has a private swimming pond, a big fire pit and it is built on 27 acres of pristine, protected land with hiking trails and lots of wildlife. There will also be options for private one on one healing sessions with Peter and our lovely Holistic Practioner Angie!

Please email for more information or to register. 

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